About OutBiome

OutBiome is an outdoor and nature resource.

Here you will find photography, audio and video resources that you can use as a part of your projects when you need to illustrate a theme in nature.

Unlike other sites that offer stock resources, OutBiome only focuses on what can be obtained from the natural world such as landscape, plant, animal photography. Not all the resources could be considered "stock" as much of what is available is quite spontaneous, so is a private library or gallery of creative work that is available for public use.

The name "OutBiome" is a play on phrases "Outdoors" or "Outside" and "Biome" which is defined as a collection of plant and animal life that share a clear and specific region, otherwise meaning to be in a natural outdoor environment.

The products available are primarily digital in format and can be made available for your use the same day of purchase.

OutBiome and it’s content is currently managed, produced and owned by Stewart Leech who has a BA (Hons) in Graphic design. He has interests in the outdoors, photography and night sky to name but a few. Stewart also produces the content on the OutBiome Youtube channel.

Why am I producing OutBiome?

I’ve had an interest in photography and particularly outdoors photography for a long time and always enjoyed it whenever it was a part of my design work. I tried to make a photographic and creative imagery website back in 2008 but abandoned it due to technical difficulties and being too much work for one person!

Now with the Outbiome site, I get to create something that will be like the original wish and I will be able to produce it.

The digital products to be found on OutBiome are provided for use under license dependent on how they are to be used. You can use the photography as a device background, large canvas or poster print*, as a part of a blog or article post, an image in a large run magazine or newspaper and even as part of an original composite image.

-* Physical prints are not provided by OutBiome.