Don’t forget to bring your gear

When making a visual resource you could find yourself presented with opportunities at any moment, any place and anywhere!

I must get into the habit of just bringing my photographic equipment whenever I go for a general walk to get away from work in front of a computer screen. So I just missed a really good sunset and I wasn’t even carrying my smartphone!
I end up kicking myself for not having anything on me to capture the scene and this is not the first occasion that this has happened!

Ruddy-Darter Dragonfly
You can’t photograph a dragonfly if you are not carrying a camera! Opportunities can fly off as fast as one!

I have a photo of a Ruddy Darter dragonfly on this post to illustrate the concept that outdoor and nature photography is like a dragonfly. The opportunities can come fast and can go just as quick!
So in future – bring your stuff you never know what you will find!