Hedgehogs have the right idea

It’s definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas (in mid November!) and the nights are getting long and cold!
Do you wish you could skip the whole thing and set an alarm for March?

It’s not just deciduous trees that “go to sleep” for winter but some animals do the same!

Hedgehogs hibernate or go into a deep sleep over the winter months due to there being a lack of food for them at that time. Once a common sight throughout the UK their numbers have dropped drastically so if you encounter them in your area you could help them by providing a habit for them to find food and hibernate.

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Visit Hedgehog Street to learn more about how you can help

Hedgehog in a UK garden
Hedgehogs are prickly yet cute characters. They are nocturnal – mainly active at night.

Give a Hedgehog a hand!
You can help Hedgehogs get through these trying times by creating homes for them in your gardens. You can do this by creating a pile of leaves and other garden debris in a quiet corner where they can be left to hibernate in peace.