Introducing the OutBiome Cache

OutBiome is all about what can be found when you explore your local environment but it’s a big world and there is more to do than just photography.

In order to fully explore and appreciate the outdoors and truly find that all inspiring location you will need to equip yourself to endure outdoor conditions. We want you to have fun on your adventures and not get caught out in a situation where it’s stops being fun and starts being a cause for concern.

So we have started a list of sorts where we present various outdoor specific goods and services and introduce you to them and explain their uses. We then give you examples and recommendations of outdoor equipment you can use for camping, hiking, survival, hunting and bushcraft. You will be free to buy what we suggest or look for something else – we hope to provide a starting point for your search for the kit you need!

We give you recommendations based on our experience of what is encountered when out and about and many of the things we talk about, we  own ourselves and have tested.

Over time the we wish that the Outbiome Cache will become a good place to start for people just starting out in outdoor hobbies and pastimes such as camping, hiking, and bushcraft enthusiasts. It will give you an idea as to what outdoor gear in available and why you should have in with you on your adventures.