On producing media outdoors

I’ve come to the conclusion that producing any audio or video in a natural setting is a lot more challenging than expected!

It is a case of if it can go wrong, then it will regardless of how good the idea was. I’ve found that the wind is the greatest problem as it always finds a way to the microphone and they seem to be particularly good at picking it up!

Needless to say this has produced a kind of creativity of it’s own in finding ways to block wind but not everything else that’s audible. So I’ve cut up fabrics, sponges and foams with mixed success.

I’ve strayed away from attempting recording in wet and rainy conditions as that is bound to cause trouble and I’ve not invented something to protect my photo, audio and video equipment from those conditions.


photographing tree
Photographing a tree with colourful leaves in early Autumn.

We can’t have fine conditions all the time and there would be many interesting things going on when it’s raining or snowing, so I’ll have to create a solution.