OutBiome Terms and Conditions

Refund and returns policy:

Because the photography, audio and video resources available on OutBiome are digital and not physical the possibility of theft or abuse of the automated systems is high. A refund for products purchased comes at the discretion of OutBiome and must be done in writing, describing the reason you are dissatisfied with the product.

If you are in receipt of a refund then you are to delete the media download and not to use the media download in any way.

Downloads will not be refunded if more than 7 days from the download date have passed.

Rights to ownership:

We provide the products on OutBiome under license for use under the specific terms of use. Buying a license to use the photography, audio and video resource available here does not transfer ownership rights to the holder of the license.


The digital products available on OutBiome are licensed dependent on intended use of the product. Licenses available represent a common range of proposed usage but are not exhaustive of all conceivable usage instances. With the exception of the Pro extended use licence all other photography licences permit the single use the product. The products on OutBiome are not provided as royalty-free or free to use unless otherwise stated.


Purchases of digital goods are currently carried out by the PayPal payment processor. OutBiome site does not process or collect payment information.

Download files

Digital products purchased from OutBiome are delivered via email and in the form of a .zip download.

You can use the link to download the media purchased up-to 4 times.

The link to the media purchased will expire after 7 days.

In order to get your order the media needs to be “extracted” from the .zip archive file.

Most devices have the ability to extract files from a zipped archive and how to do that differs from device and operating system!

If you are unsure as to how to do this you can try this guide if using windows PC

or this guide if you are using a Mac PC.

Alternatively you can obtain a dedicated application for extracting .zip files:
We recommend:

7zip for windows

Peazip for Linux systems


Izip for Mac

Order fulfilment:

Currently the products for purchase on OutBiome are in a digital format and are made available to you after purchase as a download link within confirmation emails sent to the address of your specification.


Commissioning is charged at a rate of £300 per day and includes labour and the value of work produced.
The value of work produced is the value of any photography, video, audio produced.
The rate does not include out of pocket expenses such as travel, accommodation, refreshments which will be included in the final price.
We always do the best we can with the products we produce so if you are dissatisfied with our work in part or in whole after the commission then a discount could be agreed, although we would provide a progress status to make sure I’m always “on the right track” with producing what you want as it is being produced.
In this way any unfortunate mistakes can be remedied without jeopardizing the commission.