Watch: Environment in peril – Climate change and Thorium power

In the episode we touch on the problem of man-made climate change and start to suggest possible solutions to it.

We explain the basics of climate change caused by the Carbon dioxide emitted by human activity from sources such as the burning of fossil fuels.

We then start to suggest possible solutions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to produce power with the introduction of the Thorium fuelled nuclear power station.

This type of nuclear reactor uses the fission of Thorium and some Uranium contained with a molten salt to generate heat. This heat is then used to generate steam from water, that then turns a turbine that generates electricity.

Current nuclear reactors use Uranium solid fuel that heats water to steam directly, so having a high pressure gas within the reactor. Plus with the fuel being in a solid form, not all the fuel is used in the process creating harmful waste.

A Thorium molten salt reactor does away with the issues with current reactors by having the fuel as a liquid and so enabling the reactor to run under low pressure and also use all the fuel provided to the system with the aid of some inline fuel reprocessing.
So this system has the advantages of being safer and more fuel efficient than current systems, plus it creates less harmful waste and the fuel itself is more abundance on Earth!

Countries such as India and China are currently developing this technology but in my opinion – we should all be doing it!