Watch Environment in peril – Climate change consequences

In this episode we talk about some of the consequences of not doing anything to tackle the causes of climate change. If we continue to use fossil fuels to provide the fuel for our transport and electric systems globally, then the excess Carbon dioxide released will disrupt many natural systems. We need the climate to be stable in order for us and the rest of the natural world to survive and grow.

There are people that don’t think the climate is changing and that is all very well and good.
But if we are to just do as these people want and do nothing and they are wrong then what would these people do to fix the problem?

Climate change is already costing the global economy billions of pounds a year due to extreme weather damage so you are paying now and will certainly pay later!

So I would ask policy makers wouldn’t it be better to invest in building power systems and transport infrastructure that doesn’t use fossil fuel now? Also more investment in the innovation for the REMOVAL of Carbon dioxide would be needed!

I also think that all countries need to work on this problem together as the effects and consequences of climate change do have an impact on all nations.

Who would have thought a simple chemical compound would cause so much trouble!