Watch – Start a fire for camping and outdoor survival. -Ferro rod, Magnesium tinder.

In this episode we are talking about fire starting when camping, hunting and doing bushcraft or survival.

Starting a small fire with paraffin wax soaked Cotton pad

We show how to obtain Birch paper bark for use as a tinder. Birch bark is a good tinder due to its readiness to catch alight with it’s high Creosote content.

We demonstrate the use of various fire starters such as a Ferro Rod or Ferrocerium Rod, Magnesium shavings from a bar, Paraffin wax with Cotton pads and Vaseline with Cotton pads. We show combinations using a lighter and using a Ferrocerium rod.

The Magnesium bar that I use is genuine and has it’s own Ferrocerium striker!
It has this written on it: “MFD.BY DOAN MACH & EQUIP CO.INC.” You must test your Magnesium bar on purchase as useless, fake copies do exist!

When taking paper bark from trees only take a little per tree as to not do harm. This paper bark would be blown off the tree naturally overtime!