Watch – The basics of setting up a Hammock and outdoor shelter now

We have a new video on Youtube “The basics of setting up a Hammock and outdoor shelter”, you can watch it now!

In this episode we continue with the theme of man-made shelters from the last episode to talk about Hammock camping.

In this video we go through a setup of a DD Hammocks Travel Hammock.We talk about the importance of having adequate under-insulation. Inthis video we demonstrate a foam based mat but you can also use aself-inflating, manual inflation and even a dedicated under-quilt! Wealso demonstrate a wet weather solution using a 3×3 Meter Tarpaulin also by DD Hammocks.

There are many different brands and styles of hammock each suited for different situations. They do serve as a versatile alternative to using a tent and tend to be lighter in weight and less expensive.