Watch – “Water filtration and sterilization for camping, bushcraft and survival (Millbank bag) “

In this episode we talk about water filtration and sterilization.

Here we describe the process of treating water taken from a natural source for use in a camping, bushcraft or survival situation. We demonstrate the use of a Millbank bag to filter water and then boiling the water to kill microbial life that may be present.

We also show other available methods such as the use of a Sawyer filter and Chlorine Dioxide tablets. The Sawyer filter works by preventing any microbes over 0.1 microns in size from passing through the filter. Chlorine Dioxide tablets chemically kill any microbes that may be in the water!

The main protozoa that would make you ill would be Cryptosporidium and Giardia and would cause symptoms of Diarrhoea if infected.

Do not drink from a water source without sterilization unless you are sure that the water course is clear. I drank straight from a spring that I knew was in an area of protected water catchment, devoid of human agricultural and industrial use!